Watch Video Donde Milan Dice Que Clara Chia Es Hombre

If you’ve been following the recent rumors about Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía, you may have come across a controversial video titled “Video Donde Milan Dice Que Clara Chia Es Hombre” (Video where Milan says that Clara Chia is a man). The video has caused a lot of stir on social media, with many people sharing and commenting on it. If you want to know more about this video and its context, you can visit our website,, where we have compiled the latest news and analysis about this topic.

Watch Video Donde Milan Dice Que Clara Chia Es Hombre
Watch Video Donde Milan Dice Que Clara Chia Es Hombre

I. Who is Clara Chía Marti

Clara Chía Marti is a 23-year-old public relations student who lives in Barcelona and is reportedly working for Gerard Piqué’s film production company, Kosmos. She is said to oversee special events in the company while continuing her studies. Marti has been in the news due to rumors of her romantic involvement with Piqué, a famous Spanish footballer who is known for playing for FC Barcelona and the Spanish national team. However, neither Piqué nor Marti have publicly confirmed their relationship.

Who is Clara Chía Marti
Who is Clara Chía Marti

II. Video Donde Milan Dice Que Clara Chia Es Hombre

Social media and their rumors continue to surprise us, and now a TikTok user claims that Clara Chía is a transgender woman and that he was responsible for performing all of her gender reassignment surgeries. But it doesn’t end there, as another social media account has blown up this rumor, claiming that Milan confirmed it during a live performance by Shakira.

In the video, they say that a boy tells his mother that Piqué’s current girlfriend is a transgender woman because he can even see pictures of himself at his parents’ house since he began transitioning at the age of 15. But if you’re worried about this rumor, wait, there’s more, as they add that Esteban Chía (as they say his name) will receive financial assistance from a former football player to carry out all necessary procedures. At the time of this alleged Milan video, it doesn’t exist.

All of this has created a wave of transphobic comments and abnormal hatred towards Clara Chía. At present, she has not confirmed or denied this information, but if she really is a transgender woman, what does it matter? There’s no need for this kind of chaos and the hatred it’s generating over this issue. Let’s remember, we’re living in the 21st century.

Video donde milan dice que clara chia es hombre
Video donde milan dice que clara chia es hombre

III. Nuria Marín clarified on TikTok that this rumor is a lie

Nuria Marín clarified on TikTok that this rumor is a lie, but also delivered a much-needed message. With this information, Shakira’s fans are trying to discredit Clara Chía, who is VERY discriminating and has a rather negative attitude. Some things cannot be made funny. It has been said and it has been spoken.


Respuesta a @Tania Palacios #greenscreen Creo que tenemos que jugar un poco más limpio. #wakasalseo

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IV. Watch Video Donde Milan Dice Que Clara Chia Es Hombre

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