RIP Budweiser Video: Saying Goodbye to an Iconic Ad Campaign

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the RIP Budweiser Video, a commercial that became a cultural phenomenon and changed the game for advertising. We’ll examine its impact on the industry, why it still resonates with audiences today, and why it’s become such an enduring part of popular culture. Let’s find out with!

RIP Budweiser Video: Saying Goodbye to an Iconic Ad Campaign
RIP Budweiser Video: Saying Goodbye to an Iconic Ad Campaign

I. RIP Budweiser Video

II. RIP Budweiser Video: Saying Goodbye to an Iconic Ad Campaign

The controversy surrounding Dylan Mulvaney’s collaboration with Bud Light beer has led to calls for a boycott of the brand. Mulvaney, a TikToker and trans activist, became the brand’s latest spokesperson, and the collaboration was announced in celebration of her “365 days of Girlhood milestone.” The partnership included Mulvaney drinking Bud Light beer in a bathtub and the brand releasing limited-edition cans featuring Mulvaney’s face.

Many netizens were unhappy with the collaboration, and some have announced that they will be boycotting the brand. The backlash has led to renewed calls for the phrase “go woke go broke,” which suggests that brands that embrace progressive values or social justice issues will lose customers and profits.

This controversy highlights the ongoing debate surrounding representation and inclusion in advertising and marketing campaigns. While some have praised the collaboration as a step forward for transgender representation, others argue that it is simply a cynical marketing ploy that exploits marginalized communities for profit. The controversy has also sparked discussion about the role of activism and social justice in the corporate world and the ethics of brand sponsorships.

RIP Budweiser Video
RIP Budweiser Video

III. Who is Dylan Mulvaney?

Dylan Mulvaney is a TikToker and trans activist who became well-known on the video-sharing platform during the pandemic. She recorded her transition on TikTok and quickly amassed a large following. Despite starting her transition just a year ago, she has become a vocal advocate for transgender rights and visibility.

Mulvaney was born in California and grew up in San Diego. She attended the College-Conservatory of Music in Cincinnati, Ohio, where she graduated in 2019. She initially gained attention on TikTok for her singing and piano-playing skills before starting to document her transition.

In addition to her TikTok fame, Mulvaney has also collaborated with several brands, including Ulta Beauty, Crest, EOS, CeraVe, Native, Kitchen Aid, Instacart, and most recently, Bud Light. Her collaborations have sparked controversy and debate, with some criticizing brands for exploiting her identity for profit and others praising the representation and visibility that her collaborations bring.

Mulvaney has used her platform to advocate for trans rights and to raise awareness about issues facing the trans community. She has spoken out about discrimination, access to healthcare, and the importance of representation in media and advertising.

Who is Dylan Mulvaney?
Who is Dylan Mulvaney?

IV. Netizens respond to Dylan Mulvaney’s collaboration with beer giant Bud Light

Netizens’ responses to Dylan Mulvaney’s collaboration with Bud Light beer have been mixed, with some praising the partnership as a step forward for transgender representation and others criticizing it as a cynical marketing ploy.

Many netizens have expressed their support for Mulvaney, praising her for her advocacy and visibility. They see the partnership as a positive step towards greater representation for transgender individuals in advertising and marketing.

However, others have criticized the partnership, arguing that it exploits marginalized communities for profit and that brands should do more to support transgender individuals in tangible ways. Some have also taken issue with the use of the phrase “go woke go broke,” which they see as dismissive of social justice issues and progressive values.

Overall, the controversy surrounding Mulvaney’s collaboration with Bud Light has sparked important discussions about representation, activism, and the ethics of brand sponsorships in the corporate world.

Netizens respond to Dylan Mulvaney’s collaboration with beer giant Bud Light
Netizens respond to Dylan Mulvaney’s collaboration with beer giant Bud Light
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