Pastor Dwayne Dawkins’ viral video

Introducing the latest viral video sensation involving Pastor Dwayne Dawkins, a well-known preacher and missionary teacher from New York. The video has been widely circulated on social media, leaving many stunned by the intimate footage of Pastor Dawkins with another man. Despite being married to Tamia Dawkins, the video has sparked speculation about the pastor’s sexual orientation. Reports suggest that the pastor accidentally discussed homosexuality on his podcast, further fueling the rumors. At this time, there has been no comment from Pastor Dawkins on the viral video. Stay updated with the latest news on Pastor Dwayne Dawkins’ viral video at

Pastor Dwayne Dawkins' viral video
Pastor Dwayne Dawkins’ viral video

I. Who is Pastor Dwayne Dawkins?

Reverend Dawkins is a member of the Praise International Church in Florida and also the founder and CEO of DHDawkins Ministries. The organization he established goes beyond religious preaching and delves into fields such as healthcare, psychology, humanitarianism, education, finance, government, and more. In 2006, he served as a senior pastor at Praise Tabernacle International in Fort Lauderdale.

Dwayne Dawkins is known as a charismatic leader, a skilled orator, and a dedicated servant. Praise Tabernacle describes him as having a dynamic personality and “exuding genuine care, love, and concern for all of God’s people.”

As previously mentioned, Tamia Dawkins is married to Reverend Dawkins. They have three children: DH Dawkins II, Daryn Nathaneal Dawkins, and Dathyn Declyn Dawkins.

Dwayne Dawkins was inspired by his late grandparents and grew up in a Christian family. He was ordained at the age of 14 and has been serving ever since.

Dawkins was previously the chairman of more than 21 youth groups under the management of the Churches of God Youth Organization in East New York.

He was trained by his spiritual father and non-political representative Bishop Timothy Clark from Columbus, Ohio.

Dawkins earned a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from SUNY Old Westbury. He also holds a Master of Professional Studies in Urban Ministry Studies from Alliance Theological Seminary.

Since then, he has taught in the New York School System for eight years and has also served as an advisor for college student organizations.

Who is Pastor Dwayne Dawkins?
Who is Pastor Dwayne Dawkins?

II. Pastor Dwayne Dawkins’ viral video

The video clip of Pastor Dwayne Dawkins being intimate with another man has gone viral on social media, shocking netizens. The New York native is known to be a pastor and missionary teacher. He is also married to Tamia Dawkins, making netizens astonished with the clear video of him being affectionate with another man that appeared on the internet.

When the clip began circulating on the internet, many believed that Dwayne Dawkins is homosexual, but the pastor has never declared it to be so.

Show Biz Corner reported that Dawkins was recording a podcast when the video went viral on social media. The dedicated minister accidentally discussed the issue of homosexuality on his podcast, causing many to speculate about his sexual tendencies.

At the time of writing this article, Dawkins has not addressed the viral video. The man in the clip with the pastor has yet to be identified.

III. Watch the video of pastor dwayne dawkins

IV. Why Did Pastor Dwayne Dawkins’ Video Went Viral?

Pastor Dwayne Dawkins’ video went viral because it showed him being intimate with another man, causing shock and surprise among social media users. Dawkins, who is known as a preacher and missionary teacher, is also married to Tamia Dawkins. The video sparked rumors that Dawkins might be homosexual, although he has never publicly identified as such. Show Biz Corner reported that Dawkins was recording a podcast when the video went viral, and in it, he inadvertently discussed issues related to same-sex attraction, leading some to speculate about his sexual orientation. At the time of writing, Dawkins has not commented on the viral video, and the identity of the man in the clip with the pastor remains unknown.
Why Did Pastor Dwayne Dawkins’ Video Went Viral?
Why Did Pastor Dwayne Dawkins’ Video Went Viral?
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