Watch movie Our Dining Table Ep 10 Eng Sub Bilibili

Watch the captivating finale of “Our Dining Table” with English subtitles on Bilibili. Episode 10 of this heartwarming Japanese drama series explores romance, modern themes, and LGBT+ representation. Experience the transformative power of shared meals as salaryman Yutaka Hozumi navigates his evolving relationship with Minoru Ueda. Discover acceptance, self-discovery, and the beauty of connection through the universal language of food. Tune in to this 30-minute episode filled with emotional depth and captivating performances. Don’t miss the enchanting conclusion of “Our Dining Table Ep 10 Eng Sub Bilibili” on

Watch movie Our Dining Table Ep 10 Eng Sub Bilibili
Watch movie Our Dining Table Ep 10 Eng Sub Bilibili

I. Infomation movie Our Dining Table

Watch movie Our Dining Table Ep 10 Eng Sub Bilibili

Our Dining Table 

  • Other name: Bokura no Shokutaku / Our Dining Table
  • Director: Yūho Ishibashi, Kashо̄ Iizuka and Naho Kamimura
  • Release date: 06/04/2023
  • Episodes: 10
  • Status: Complete
  • Country of manufacture: Japan
  • Subtitle: Eng Sub
  • Episode length: 30 minutes
  • Genre: Romance, Modern, LGBT+

II. Content of the movie

Our Dining Table” is a heartwarming film that revolves around the life of Yutaka Hozumi, a talented salaryman with a passion for cooking. Despite his culinary skills, Yutaka struggles to connect with others and often finds it difficult to share meals with people. However, his life takes an unexpected turn when his cooking catches the attention of two brothers, Tane and Minoru Ueda.

One day, while Yutaka is preparing his lunch at a park, Tane, a young and curious boy, is drawn to the irresistible aroma of his food. Intrigued by Yutaka’s cooking talent, Tane approaches him and strikes up a conversation. Touched by the young boy’s enthusiasm and genuine interest, Yutaka decides to share a meal with him. As they eat together, Yutaka’s solitary world starts to transform.

Tane’s older brother, Minoru, soon becomes aware of Yutaka’s cooking prowess and the profound effect it has on his younger brother. Minoru, impressed by Yutaka’s culinary skills, invites him to their house to cook together as a way to express his gratitude. Initially hesitant, Yutaka accepts the invitation and finds himself stepping into the Ueda siblings’ lives, which are marked by their own struggles and longing for connection.our dining table ep 10 eng sub 2

Through their shared love for food, Yutaka, Tane, and Minoru form a unique bond. Yutaka’s dreary and isolated existence begins to change, and he discovers the joy of meaningful human connections through the shared act of cooking and dining. As the Ueda siblings and Yutaka continue to explore their shared meals, trust, friendship, and a sense of belonging blossom among them.

As time goes by, Yutaka finds himself not only anticipating the meals he shares with the Ueda brothers but also developing romantic feelings for Minoru. The blossoming of this unexpected love adds a new dimension to their relationships and raises questions about acceptance and societal norms.

“Our Dining Table” is a touching story that emphasizes the power of food to bring people together, heal emotional wounds, and transcend barriers of loneliness. It explores themes of friendship, family, self-discovery, and love while highlighting the importance of embracing one’s true self in a judgmental society. The film beautifully portrays the transformative effect that shared meals can have on individuals, reminding us that sometimes all it takes is a simple act of cooking and eating together to nurture the soul and forge lasting connections.

III. Watch movie Our Dining Table Ep 10 Eng Sub Bilibili

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Yutaka’s uneasiness around Minoru deepens as he grapples with the fear of their impending separation. The bond they have formed over shared meals and their growing romantic feelings has become a source of both joy and anxiety for Yutaka. Uncertain about how their relationship will evolve, he finds himself torn between his desire for companionship and the fear of losing what they have.

Meanwhile, Minoru’s dad, Mr. Ueda, notices the special connection between Yutaka and his son. Determined to support their relationship and create a memorable experience, he plans a surprise meal for Yutaka. Knowing Yutaka’s passion for cooking, Mr. Ueda seeks to express his acceptance and appreciation for Yutaka’s presence in their lives.

As the day of the special meal arrives, Yutaka is filled with a mix of anticipation and nervousness. He wonders what the meal signifies and hopes that it will bring clarity to his complicated feelings for Minoru. Yutaka arrives at the Ueda household, where the table is adorned with a beautifully prepared feast, showcasing Mr. Ueda’s culinary skills.

The meal becomes an opportunity for the characters to engage in heartfelt conversations, expressing their emotions, fears, and hopes. Yutaka and Minoru openly discuss their concerns about the future and the challenges they might face. Through honest and vulnerable communication, they reaffirm their commitment to each other and their willingness to navigate whatever comes their way.

Mr. Ueda, observing the connection between Yutaka and Minoru, offers his understanding and support. He acknowledges the importance of love and acceptance, emphasizing that what truly matters is the happiness and well-being of his son.

During the meal, as Yutaka savors the delicious dishes prepared by Mr. Ueda, he realizes the depth of care and consideration behind the special occasion. The meal becomes a symbolic gesture of acceptance, understanding, and love, strengthening the bonds between Yutaka, Minoru, and the Ueda family.

As the episode concludes, Yutaka’s uneasiness begins to subside, replaced by a newfound sense of security and hope. The special meal serves as a turning point, solidifying their relationships and paving the way for a future where they can face any challenges together.

Episode 10, “A Special Meal,” explores the themes of acceptance, family support, and the power of shared meals to foster understanding and strengthen relationships. It marks a pivotal moment in Yutaka and Minoru’s journey, bringing them closer and providing a glimpse of the love and support they can rely on as they navigate their future.


IV. The main actors in the movie

The film “Our Dining Table” features the following actors:

  • Inukai Atsuhiro as Hozumi Yutaka: He is a talented salaryman with a passion for cooking. Yutaka struggles to share meals with others and undergoes a life-changing experience when he meets the Ueda siblings.
  • Iijima Hiroki as Ueda Minoru: He is Tane’s older brother and responsible for taking care of the family. Minoru is impressed by Yutaka’s cooking skills and invites him to their house to cook together, leading to a transformation in Yutaka’s life.
  • Maeda Kuuga as Ueda Tane: He is Minoru’s younger brother and the first to notice Yutaka’s cooking. Tane forms a special connection with Yutaka through their shared passion for culinary arts.
  • Harada Ryuji as Ueda Koji: He is Minoru and Tane’s father. He recognizes the special bond between Yutaka and his sons and plans a special meal to express acceptance and care for Yutaka.
  • Furuhata Seika as Ohata Rei: She is Yutaka’s close friend and colleague at the company. Rei provides emotional support and listens to Yutaka during difficult moments.
  • Ichikawa Tomohiro as Hozumi Yuki: He is Yutaka’s younger brother. Yuki understands and supports Yutaka in his life journey and creates an environment for him to find joy in sharing meals with the Ueda family.

Additionally, the film features the participation of other actors, but detailed information about their roles has not been provided.our dining table ep 10 eng sub 3

V. Audience comments about the movie

Our Dining Table” is an excellent and endearing film that successfully blends romance, modern elements, and LGBT+ themes. It creates an emotionally rich and profound story about love, self-acceptance, and human relationships.

One notable aspect of the film is how it explores the power of food and shared meals in creating connections between the characters. The visually appealing scenes of delicious dishes, coupled with the emotions shared and the sense of togetherness while dining, create a warm and intimate space for the audience.

The ensemble cast truly shines, with each actor delivering outstanding performances and establishing a genuine bond between the characters. Inukai Atsuhiro and Iijima Hiroki, in particular, give exceptional portrayals, bringing authenticity and depth to the characters of Yutaka and Minoru. Their chemistry and embodiment of their roles are highlights of the film.

Furthermore, the film bravely explores sensitive topics such as same-sex love and self-acceptance, which is commendable. It broadens perspectives and engages in discussions about love and relationships in a diverse and evolving society.

“Our Dining Table” is not just a film about food; it is a story about love, acceptance, and human connections. It creates a warm and profound space, evoking emotions and joy in the audience. If you enjoy films with positive messages and romantic themes, “Our Dining Table” is an excellent choice.

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