Analyzing the controversial Louisville shooting video Reddit

In the aftermath of a tragic shooting incident in Louisville, Kentucky, a video surfaced on Reddit, sparking controversy and garnering widespread attention. The Louisville shooting video Reddit has become a hot topic of discussion, with many people analyzing and dissecting its contents. At, we aim to provide a comprehensive analysis of this controversial video, examining its impact on the community and exploring the aftermath of the incident.

Analyzing the controversial Louisville shooting video Reddit
Analyzing the controversial Louisville shooting video Reddit

I. Content in the video louisville shooting

On March 29, 2023, a shooting incident occurred in Louisville, Kentucky, where the gunman live-streamed the attack on Instagram. Several people were injured during the incident that took place at a bustling shopping center, and tragically, one individual lost their life.

A ruthless shooter armed with an AR15 rifle targeted a Louisville bank earlier this week, later identified as disgruntled former employee Connor Sturgeon, who fatally shot his colleague.

Police confirmed that the assailant live-streamed the massacre on Instagram. Police Chief Jacquelyn Gwinn-Villaroel stated, “It’s heartbreaking to know that such an event took place and was captured.”

Six people lost their lives, including the shooter, while nine others were taken to the hospital for treatment. The five deceased victims were identified as Joshua Barrick, 40, Thomas Elliot, 63, Juliana Farmer, 45, James Tutt, 64, and Deana Eckert, 57.

One of those who perished was a close friend of the Governor of Kentucky.

The Louisville Metro Police Department identified the suspect as Sturgeon, a 23-year-old bank employee at Old National Bank.

LMPD Police Chief Gwinn-Villaroel revealed that the 23-year-old fired at responding officers, who retaliated to “neutralize the threat.”

Content in the video louisville shooting
Content in the video louisville shooting

II. Information on the suspect Sturgeon in the shooting

The Louisville Metropolitan Police Department has identified the suspect as Sturgeon, a 23-year-old bank employee at Old National Bank.

Sturgeon joined the bank as a full-time employee in 2021 after completing three consecutive summer internships, and it is reported that he was recently terminated from his position.

Authorities clarified that the suspect was killed by police, not by a self-inflicted wound, and released the name of the officer who stopped him. The LMPD stated that the suspect shot 13 people, including two officers. Six people remain hospitalized, with three in critical condition and three in stable condition. Three others have been treated and discharged.

Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg said, “Let’s be clear about what this is. This is a heinous act of targeted violence.”

Two of the injured individuals were taken to the hospital in critical condition, including a police officer. The shooter, temporarily identified as Sturgeon, 23-years-old, is a former employee of Old National Bank, who is believed to have been recently fired.

During a press conference, police confirmed that the gunman was live-streaming the attack on his Instagram account. Sturgeon is originally from Greenville, Indiana, but resided in Louisville on Taylor Avenue.

He graduated from Floyd Central High School, where he played basketball. His father, Todd Sturgeon, was the head basketball coach at the high school, hired in 2014 when Connor was a 6-foot-4 sophomore, according to the Courier-Journal.

However, the elder Sturgeon stepped down in 2022, stating that he wanted to spend more time with Connor and his younger son.

Connor Sturgeon held both a bachelor’s and master’s degree, with a master’s degree in finance from the University of Alabama.

A former friend of Sturgeon, who requested anonymity, described him as a popular kid in high school. He told the Daily Beast, “I know people always say this about shooters, but I never would have guessed it was him.”

He added that Sturgeon always wore a helmet during basketball games due to having suffered multiple concussions.

A classmate of Sturgeon recalled, “One thing I always remember is in our freshman year of high school, we played football together in 8th grade, and he had to miss almost an entire year due to multiple concussions.

“Then he had a few more in high school. I’m not saying that’s the cause, but I always think back to that…

“I’ve wondered at times if that caught up to him, but never in this way. He’s the last person I expected to do something like this.”

Disturbing images shared by Sturgeon in a group chat also included memes, one titled ‘Monday vibes’ with the caption: “I could burn this whole place down” alongside the image.

Information on the suspect Sturgeon in the shooting
Information on the suspect Sturgeon in the shooting

III. Connor Sturgeon Instagram Live Video

Sturgeon’s Instagram account, @csturg41, has been taken down and the police are in possession of the video, as reported.

Meta, the company that owns Facebook and Instagram, stated in a release that they “quickly removed the live stream of this tragic incident this morning.”

There have been multiple online reports that the young bank employee had told a friend that he was feeling suicidal and would “shoot up the bank.”

Images have also circulated online showing what appears to be Sturgeon’s Instagram account and some disturbing messages posted on it.


The police chief noted that the shooter had not previously engaged with the LMPD.

Following the shooting, a police force including a SWAT team entered Sturgeon’s Louisville home to investigate.

KWQC-TV reported that police were concerned that a bomb trap may have been set at the location.

Connor Sturgeon Instagram Live Video
Connor Sturgeon Instagram Live Video

IV. The Cause of Sturgeon’s Shooting

According to WLKY News, police have conducted a search of the property in order to find any firearms, explosives, or other traps that may have been left by the shooter.

Sturgeon was reportedly informed that he would be terminated from his position at Old National Bank in Louisville.

He left a letter for his parents and a friend stating that he would shoot up the bank.

The Cause of Sturgeon's Shooting
The Cause of Sturgeon’s Shooting

V. Louisville shooting video Reddit

It is believed that the perpetrator used an AR-15 style rifle to carry out the attack inside the bank, as armed police stormed the building when workers were believed to be hiding inside a vault.

The shooter was found dead at the scene when police arrived. Police confirmed that both the shooter and police exchanged gunfire, although it is unclear whether the fatal shot came from the shooter’s weapon or from police.

A screenshot of Sturgeon’s apparent LinkedIn account has been circulating on social media, on Reddit and Twitter, as people work to identify the shooter. It shows that he was a Syndications Associate and Bank Portfolio Manager at the bank, stating that it came after he completed ONB’s Commercial Banking Development Program.

Deputy Police Chief, Colonel Paul Humphrey, of the Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) said police were called to the Old National Bank in Louisville, where a “lone shooter” was firing shots inside the building.

He confirmed that police believe the shooter had a prior relationship with the bank. “We are trying to establish a relationship with the business, but it appears he was a former employee,” he explained.

One witness, who was walking home from a gym at around 8:30 a.m., said he saw a police car speeding down Main Street towards the bank.

He said he saw around 20 officers step out, with their rifles raised, before they rushed into the building. He then said he heard 10-15 shots being fired and people screaming from inside the building.

The roads around the bank, near the Louisville Slugger Field, were closed off as police dealt with the incident and its aftermath, with warnings that they will be closed for most of the day.

Deputy Humphrey said at an earlier press conference: “We’re asking the public to stay away from the scene, this is an active scene and it will take a long time to investigate.”

VI. Community reaction to Louisville shooting video Reddit

“I have lost a very close friend today. And I have lost another close friend. And one is in the hospital that I hope will make it,” he said. “And so I hope that all the brave officers who stepped into harm’s way for one of their colleagues will reach out for help when they need it.

“I hope that all the bank employees and the people in that building – people that I know, my AG campaign left that building and [I know] virtually all of them in there. That’s my bank.

“I hope that all of them will have access and get the help they need. There are a lot of people hurting today and if we have a place to focus our energy, I hope it’s surrounding them with love and compassion that we’ve been so good at showing each other.

“I want people to know that while today was a horrifying act, I believe that this is a safe community with officers doing everything they can every day and that’s what we’ve seen here.”

A witness who was walking home from a gym around 8:30 a.m. said he saw police cars speeding down Main Street toward the bank.

He said he saw about 20 officers step outside, holding rifles, before they rushed into the building. Then he said he heard 10 to 15 shots fired and people screaming from inside the building.”

Community reaction to Louisville shooting video Reddit
Community reaction to Louisville shooting video Reddit
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