Watch Kohli Gambhir Video

 Kohli Gambhir Video” is a highly sought-after topic on social media, and the recent spat between these two Indian cricket stalwarts has only added to the buzz. The incident took place after the LSG-RCB match in IPL 2023, and cricket fans all around the world are eager to see what exactly happened. Join us as take a deep dive into this intense rivalry and discover what really went down between these two legendary players through the article “Watch Kohli Gambhir Video” below.

Watch Kohli Gambhir Video

I. What is Kohli Gambhir?

“Kohli Gambhir” refers to the intense rivalry that has existed between two of the most prominent Indian cricket players, Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir. The feud between the two dates back to the 2013 edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) when Gambhir, then the captain of Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), and Kohli, playing for Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), had an on-field altercation. Since then, the two have been known for their intense rivalry, both on and off the field.

The rivalry between Kohli and Gambhir has been the subject of much discussion and speculation in the cricketing world, with many wondering about the root cause of their strained relationship. While some have attributed it to the on-field incident in 2013, others believe that there are deeper personal issues between the two.

Despite their rivalry, Kohli and Gambhir are both considered to be among the best cricketers that India has produced in recent times. Kohli is the current captain of the Indian cricket team and has been widely acclaimed for his leadership skills and batting prowess, while Gambhir was one of the finest openers that India has ever had and played a crucial role in the country’s World Cup triumphs in 2007 and 2011.

II. Watch Kohli Gambhir Video

Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir, two prominent names in Indian cricket, have been making headlines recently after a heated altercation that took place post the LSG-RCB game. This is not the first time the two have had a clash; it dates back to the IPL 2013, when Gambhir was the captain of KKR, and an altercation occurred between the two teams.

Despite the recent tension between Kohli and Gambhir, there was a time when the two shared a special bond. Both cricketers hail from Delhi, and there was a good relationship between them. An old video is currently going viral on social media, where Gambhir is seen giving his “Player of the Match” award to Kohli after a 2009 India-Sri Lanka ODI match. Gambhir was officially awarded the Player of the Match award as he scored an unbeaten 150, while Kohli scored 107 runs.

In a heartwarming gesture, Gambhir gave his award to Kohli, as it was the young player’s first international century. Gambhir, being an accomplished player at that time, knew how special it was for Kohli and wanted to make it even more memorable for him. It is quite unfortunate to see how things have changed drastically after witnessing this beautiful gesture from Gautam Gambhir and the bond between the two.


III. Punishment for Kohli Gambhi

Following the heated altercation between Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir in the LSG-RCB game, both players were found guilty of breaching Level 2 of the Indian Premier League’s Code of Conduct and were subsequently fined 100% of their match fees. The incident brought to light the aggressive nature of the two Indian cricketers, who are known for their competitive spirit and passion for the game.

Furthermore, a video emerged online which showed Kohli taking a dig at Gambhir in an RCB dressing room after the incident. In the video, Kohli could be heard saying, “The worst side of cricket – booing, yelling, and that’s what happened today. But what are we here for if not to give it back to the opposition?” Though Kohli did not name Gambhir directly, it was clear that the comments were directed towards his former Delhi teammate.

IV. Community Response Kohli Gambhir Video

The Kohli Gambhir video sparked a range of reactions from the community, with many expressing disappointment at the players’ behavior and the escalation of the on-field argument into a heated exchange. Some fans criticized Kohli and Gambhir for not setting a good example for the younger generation of cricketers and called for greater accountability and sportsmanship from professional players.

Others defended the players, arguing that their competitive spirit and passion for the game are what make them great athletes. They also pointed out that such incidents are not uncommon in cricket and that the players should not be judged too harshly for a moment of emotional outburst.

The incident also led to discussions about the role of the media and social media in amplifying such controversies and potentially causing more harm than good. Many people called for more responsible reporting and emphasized the need to focus on the positive aspects of the game rather than sensationalizing negative incidents.

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