Girl Inflatable Unicorn Greece: A Dramatic Rescue Story Unfolds

A heart-stopping incident unfolded at a beach in Greece, showcasing the resilience of a young girl and the heroic efforts of her rescuers. In the midst of a carefree playtime on an inflatable unicorn off the coast of Greece, the girl’s adventure turned perilous as she was swept away by relentless winds, drifting further from the safety of the shore. This dramatic rescue story, aptly titled “Girl Inflatable Unicorn Greece” captures the intense moments when Captain Grigoris Karnesis and the crew of the Salaminomachos, a renowned vessel, embarked on a daring mission to save her. Read the full account of this gripping rescue tale on

Girl Inflatable Unicorn Greece: A Dramatic Rescue Story Unfolds
Girl Inflatable Unicorn Greece: A Dramatic Rescue Story Unfolds

I. Girl Inflatable Unicorn Greece: A Dramatic Rescue Story Unfolds

1. 3-year-old girl narrowly escaped death

A 3-year-old girl narrowly escaped death in a terrifying incident at a beach in the town of Antirrio, southern Greece. The harrowing ordeal began when the girl climbed onto an inflatable unicorn float to play. Before the girl’s parents could react, a sudden gust of strong wind propelled both the girl and the inflatable unicorn into the air, swiftly carrying them away from the shore. Within moments, the girl found herself alone on the vast sea, clinging tightly to the neck of the unicorn float.

2. The rescue hero in this incident is Grigoris Karnesis

The heroic rescuer in this incident was Grigoris Karnesis, an experienced Greek boat captain. At first, he could hardly believe his eyes when he saw the image of a small child trapped on the drifting inflatable unicorn. The toy was moving too fast, leaving him with little time to think. A video was recorded and shared on social media, capturing the entire incident from the moment the child was swept away until the rescue took place.

3. Karnesis has decided to act

Karnesis, a 50-year-old captain of the 331-foot-long vessel named Salaminomachos, made the decision to take action. He quickly maneuvered his large ferry towards the float and the girl. As he approached closer, the crew on the ferry could hear the girl’s cries for help. The challenge for Karnesis was to control the massive ship, capable of accommodating over 300 cars and 500 passengers, in such a way that it would be close enough to rescue the girl without endangering the stability of the inflatable unicorn. He also had to ensure that the float did not get caught in the reverse flow of water from the ferry’s engines. To accomplish this, he shut down the front engines and created a wake-like basin around the ferry.

Girl Inflatable Unicorn Greece: A Dramatic Rescue Story Unfolds

II. 3-Year-Old Girl Rescued From Runaway Inflatable Unicorn

III. Specific details of the incident and the rescue

1. Description of the incident

“A young girl, while joyfully playing on an inflatable unicorn, was suddenly swept away by powerful winds, mercilessly carrying her out to the vast sea. The scene unfolded rapidly, leaving her parents helpless and in a state of panic…”

2. Description of the rescue mission

“In a race against time, Captain Grigoris Karnesis, an experienced Greek boat captain, swiftly maneuvered his colossal vessel, the Salaminomachos, towards the distressed girl. With unwavering determination, he skillfully navigated through the treacherous waters, braving the elements to reach the girl’s location…”

Girl Inflatable Unicorn Greece: A Dramatic Rescue Story Unfolds

3. Highlighting the heroism of the rescuers

“The courageous crew of the Salaminomachos, accompanied by Vasilis Karnesis, the ship’s mechanic, exemplified extraordinary bravery and teamwork in their valiant efforts to save the girl from the perilous circumstances. Their unwavering commitment and quick thinking played a pivotal role in her rescue…”

4. Emphasizing the significance of the incident

“This gripping rescue incident serves as a powerful reminder of the inherent dangers associated with inflatable toys and the unpredictable nature of the sea. It underscores the critical importance of water safety awareness and precautions, urging everyone to prioritize the well-being of children during beach activities.”

Girl Inflatable Unicorn Greece: A Dramatic Rescue Story Unfolds

IV. The girl’s family then became very grateful to Karnesis

The girl’s family later conveyed to Karnesis that when the inflatable unicorn started drifting away from the beach, her father raced to rescue her, along with other beachgoers. However, they were overwhelmed by the strong current.

When the girl was finally pulled to safety, she was in a state of shock, unable to find her voice. She was promptly reunited with her anxious mother, who was also rendered speechless due to overwhelming emotions.

Vasilis Karnesis, the ship’s mechanic, stated, “We were simply doing what we had to do. In my 22 years of working at sea, this was the first time I had to rescue a child. The following day, we felt an immense sense of pride in what we had accomplished.”

Girl Inflatable Unicorn Greece: A Dramatic Rescue Story Unfolds

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