Freddie Gibbs Wife Pregnant Video Viral

Learn about the latest buzz surrounding rapper Freddie Gibbs as his wife’s pregnant video goes viral. The news has caused quite a stir, generating significant attention and sparking discussions online. Learn more about the controversy, reactions, and public opinions surrounding this trending topic. Stay updated with the latest developments and insights on the” Freddie Gibbs Wife Pregnant Video Viral” phenomenon on

Freddie Gibbs Wife Pregnant Video Viral

I. Who is Freddie Gibbs?

Freddie Gibbs is an American rapper and songwriter. He was born on June 14, 1982, in Gary, Indiana. Gibbs gained recognition for his gritty, introspective lyrics and his technical rapping skills. He has been praised for his storytelling ability and his ability to paint vivid pictures of street life and personal experiences.

Gibbs began his music career in the late 2000s, releasing mixtapes and gaining attention for his collaborations with other artists. In 2010, he released his debut album, “ESGN (Evil Seeds Grow Naturally).” Since then, he has released several critically acclaimed albums and mixtapes, including “Pinata” (2014) in collaboration with producer Madlib, “Shadow of a Doubt” (2015), and “Bandana” (2019) with Madlib.

Known for his versatile style, Freddie Gibbs often explores themes such as street life, crime, and social issues in his music. His intricate flow, lyrical dexterity, and vivid storytelling have earned him a dedicated fanbase and respect from the hip-hop community.

II. Freddie Gibbs Wife Pregnant Video Viral

In recent news, it has been reported that Freddie Gibbs’ former girlfriend, Destini Creams, who is known as The Fit Mami and allegedly works in the adult film industry, has faced criticism for continuing to perform in adult films while being heavily pregnant. However, Destini has responded to these criticisms and defended herself against the backlash.

In a tweet, Destini called out the alleged hypocrisy of those who shame sex workers while simultaneously consuming porn, questioning the inconsistency of their views. She expressed her frustration at the double standards that exist, particularly regarding women’s sexual histories and societal expectations.

Destini further expressed her thoughts, stating that men often express a preference for women who haven’t had multiple sexual partners, yet they themselves have engaged in promiscuity. She argued that if women are labeled negatively for their sexual past, it is the men who contributed to it. While acknowledging personal preferences, Destini criticized the misogyny inherent in these double standards.

Destini also highlighted the discrepancy in societal acceptance, noting that it seems more socially acceptable for her to have an abortion at her stage of pregnancy than to engage in consensual sexual activity. She mentioned the phrase “my body, my choice,” suggesting that it is often used selectively to fit certain narratives. Responding to another user, she emphasized that her sexual activities, whether pregnant or not, are her personal business. She also pointed out that people tend to overlook the financial realities of quitting her job without adequate financial support.

III. Freddie Gibb aired out by ex-girlfriend for ghosting her after pregnancy

Freddie Gibbs has recently been accused of ghosting his ex-girlfriend after she became pregnant, and she has taken to Twitter to express her grievances publicly.

In 2020, Gibbs started dating Destini, a well-known adult film star also known as The Fit Mami, and their relationship was openly shared on social media platforms. They documented their adventures, including trips to Paris and even buying matching jerseys for the Cubs.

However, The Fit Mami has now chosen to address their breakup on Twitter, alleging that Freddie abruptly started ignoring her earlier this year after she revealed her pregnancy, despite their previous discussions about starting a family together.

The Fit Mami’s Twitter thread began with the statement, “So, y’all remember when I dated Freddie Gibbs, right? Well, let’s talk about it.” She explained that they initially connected in 2020 when Freddie slid into her DMs on Instagram, and she clarified that he was always aware of her involvement in the adult film industry and showed support for her career. They enjoyed their time together, and although the media began reporting about their relationship after they made it official, they didn’t pay much attention to it as they were simply having fun.

The Fit Mami continued by mentioning their trip to Europe, where they had a great time and frequently discussed the idea of having a baby. She emphasized that their conversations about starting a family were not one-sided.

However, things took a turn when they returned from Europe and Freddie’s stateside tour began. The Fit Mami noted that their relationship was going well until they were involved in an incident where they were attacked in Buffalo, NY. She shared a picture of herself fighting, looking confident in orange, with Freddie in the background wearing green.

IV. Everyone’s reaction on Twitter

Reactions on Twitter were diverse following the viral attention surrounding rapper Freddie Gibbs and his ex-partner Destini Fox. As Fox shared her detailed exposé on Twitter, users quickly engaged in discussions that were further influenced by patriarchal attitudes.

The revelations about alleged gaslighting and denial by Gibbs regarding their child stirred up a frenzy of opinions on Twitter. Within a short period, users began piecing together Fox’s identity as a well-known pornstar known as “Destinicreams.”

While Gibbs maintained silence, Fox faced intense scrutiny and judgment as the mother of their unborn child. This triggered a debate on whether Fox should be respected based on her occupation, raising broader issues of slut-shaming and the societal treatment of women’s sexual choices. The discovery of pregnant women involved in the adult film industry became a novel topic that captured Twitter’s attention.

Opinions on Twitter were varied. Some users viewed the situation as problematic, highlighting concerns surrounding pregnant women participating in pornographic content. Others, however, saw no issue with it and defended Fox’s right to make choices about her body and career.

As the discussions unfolded, leading up to Mother’s Day, the focus shifted towards questioning the reasons behind pregnant women choosing to create porn and whether this posed any inherent problems.

V. Conclusion

In conclusion, the situation involving rapper Freddie Gibbs and his ex-partner Destini Fox sparked significant attention on social media. Fox’s detailed exposé on Twitter, coupled with the discovery of her occupation as a sex worker, ignited discussions influenced by patriarchal attitudes.

Fox’s allegations of gaslighting and denial by Gibbs regarding their child stirred a frenzy of opinions on Twitter. As users delved into her identity as a well-known pornstar named “Destinicreams,” debates arose regarding whether Fox should be respected based on her occupation. These conversations brought to the forefront the broader issues of slut-shaming and societal treatment of women’s sexual choices. The emergence of pregnant women participating in the adult film industry became a fresh topic of debate for many.

Opinions on Twitter varied, with some perceiving the situation as problematic, expressing concerns about pregnant women engaging in pornographic content. However, others defended Fox’s autonomy and right to make choices about her body and career.

As discussions unfolded, the focus shifted towards questioning the motivations behind pregnant women creating porn and whether this presented any inherent problems.

The situation serves as a reminder of the complexities surrounding societal attitudes towards sex work, pregnancy, and women’s agency. It highlights the need for nuanced discussions that consider individual choices, challenge double standards, and foster understanding.

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