Charger exploding girl video Viral On Twitter

In the increasingly digital age, the use of electronic devices is indispensable in daily life. However, their safety is still a top concern for consumers. Recently, a video recording an exploding phone charger went viral on Twitter, attracting widespread attention from the online community. Let’s explore this incident through the article “Charger exploding girl video Viral On Twitter” below and learn more about electronic device safety at

Charger exploding girl video Viral On Twitter
Charger exploding girl video Viral On Twitter

I. What is Charger exploding girl video?

Sondyhub charger causes explosion in Sabkulet16 Twitter highlight video
Sabkulet16 and the viral video on Tiktok

With millions of daily users, TikTok has established itself as one of the top popular social networking platforms in the world. Among the countless prominent accounts on the platform, tiktoker Sabkulet16 has gained wide attention from the user community thanks to her creative, unique and engaging short videos.

In April 2023, a video began to go viral on Twitter and quickly became the focus of controversy. The video was posted by the famous TikTok account Sabkulet16, depicting a scene where a Sondyhub phone charger suddenly exploded during use.

In the video, a young woman is filming the charger lying a few meters away from her. Suddenly, the charger exploded violently, creating a dense column of black smoke that enveloped the surrounding area. The force of the explosion caused the girl to be thrown backwards and fall to the ground.

II. Watch Charger exploding girl video Viral On Twitter

III. Who is Sabkulet16?

Sabkulet16, real name Sabrina, is a 19-year-old girl born and raised in the Philippines. She started exploring and creating content on the social networking platform TikTok in 2019, when she was still in the early stages of adulthood. However, her popularity on the platform only really exploded in early 2021, after she posted a special video of a lion dance.

In this popular video, Sabrina – nicknamed Sabkulet16 – shows off her colorful and skillful lion dance talent, under the vibrant music and unique dance style. The combination of these factors has created a compelling video and attracted the attention of millions of TikTok users around the world. Thanks to the overwhelming success of the lion dance video, Sabkulet16 has quickly become one of the most popular stars on the TikTok platform, opening many opportunities in the entertainment industry and her bright future.

Charger exploding girl video Viral On Twitter

IV. Content Sabkulet16 Viral Video On Twitter

The video titled “Sabkulet16 Viral Video On Twitter” has become a craze on social networks when attracting millions of views and shares. In this video, Sabkulet16 performs an impressive and colorful lion dance based on vibrant music and a unique dance style. This video helped Sabkulet16 become one of the most popular TikTok accounts and opened up opportunities in the entertainment industry for her. The success of Sabkulet16 has inspired many other accounts on TikTok to pursue their creative passions.

However, besides succeeding in creating interesting videos, Sabkulet16 also faced many difficulties in his personal life. Her family struggles with economic difficulties, but Sabkulet16 remains optimistic and strives to bring joy to others through her content.

Charger exploding girl video Viral On Twitter

V. Sabkulet16 and charity activities

Sabkulet16 also uses its TikTok account to raise awareness of charitable causes and promote important social issues. Her followers regularly receive information about her charitable activities and fundraising campaigns to support those in need, especially in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, Sabkulet16 regularly posts videos that encourage healthy habits and compliance with disease prevention measures such as wearing masks.

Sabkulet16’s love of animals is also reflected in her TikTok videos when she often shares clips of adorable dogs and cats on her personal page. Furthermore, she encourages her followers to adopt abandoned animals and provide them with proper care.

VI. The online community’s reaction to the video

This incident has caused many people to worry about the safety of electronic devices and the potential danger from faulty equipment.
Many have questioned Sondyhub’s quality control standards and called for a thorough investigation into the matter. They are concerned that the product is not safe for consumers, especially when used in daily activities.

The online community has hotly discussed this issue, demanding that the Sondyhub manufacturer be held accountable and provide detailed information on the production process, quality control, and compliance with regulations and standards. international safety standards. Consumers also call on the authorities to step in, closely monitor the production and distribution of electronic products, to ensure the safety of users.

At the same time, the incident also raised controversy about the responsibility of users and how to choose safe products. The public is advised to do thorough research before purchasing electronic devices and to choose reputable brands with quality and safety certifications from independent rating agencies.

Charger exploding girl video Viral On Twitter

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