Watch Batang Quiapo May 1 2023 Full Episode

If you’re a fan of thrilling action and drama, then you won’t want to miss the “Batang Quiapo”. This gripping television series follows the journey of Jomari, a young man who rises to become one of the biggest outlaws in his neighborhood while navigating the complexities of life in Quiapo. With outstanding performances from the talented cast, intense action sequences, and unexpected twists and turns, this episode promises to be an edge-of-your-seat viewing experience. Don’t miss out on the chance to “Watch Batang Quiapo May 1 2023 Full Episode” and be captivated by this compelling series. Head over to to watch the episode now.

Watch Batang Quiapo May 1 2023 Full Episode

I. Infomation Batang Quiapo

Batang Quiapo” is a Philippine action drama television series aired on various channels, including Kapamilya, with directorial contributions from Malu L. Sevilla, Darnel Villaflor, and lead actor Coco Martin as the titular character. The series is based on the 1986 action-comedy film of the same name, starring Fernando Poe Jr. and Maricel Soriano. “Batang Quiapo” replaced Mars Ravelo’s Darna and premiered on February 13, 2023, on various networks, including Primetime Bida, Cine Mo!, A2Z Primetime Weeknights, and TV5’s Todo Max Primetime Singko, as well as worldwide via The Filipino Channel and Kapatid Channel. The show features thrilling storylines, daring action, and outstanding performances from Coco Martin and the rest of the cast. Furthermore, the series is available for streaming worldwide on iWantTFC.

Batang Quiapo

  • Genre: Drama, Action, Comedy
  • Based on: Batang Quiapo by Pablo Santiago
  • Written by: Enrique S. Villasis, Lino Balmes, Arvin Belarmino, Jorrybell, Agoto
  • Directed by: Malu L. Sevilla, Darnel Villaflor, Coco Martin
  • Starring: Coco Martin, Lovi Poe
  • Country of origin: Philippines
  • Original language : Filipino
  • No. of seasons : 2
  • No. of episodes : 59 (as of May 8, 2023) (list of episodes)
  • Running time :22-35 minutes

II. Content Batang Quiapo May 1 2023 Full Episode

As the “Batang Quiapo” opens, we see our protagonist, Jomari, as a young boy struggling to survive on the streets of Quiapo. Jomari quickly learns that life in the neighborhood is tough and that he must fend for himself to make it through each day.

Despite his difficult circumstances, Jomari has a heart of gold and a deep desire to make his parents proud. He dreams of one day becoming a successful businessman and providing a better life for his family.

However, as he grows older, Jomari’s life takes a darker turn as he gets involved in the world of crime. He becomes one of the biggest outlaws in the neighborhood, feared and respected by many. But as Jomari’s criminal empire grows, he finds himself further away from his original goal of making his parents proud.

Through a series of events, Jomari begins to uncover the truth about his identity and the secrets that have been kept from him. With newfound knowledge and a renewed sense of purpose, Jomari sets out to make things right and to redeem himself in the eyes of his loved ones.

The episode is filled with intense action sequences, heart-wrenching moments, and unexpected twists that will leave viewers on the edge of their seats. Will Jomari be able to find redemption and reconcile with his family? Tune in to the “Batang Quiapo May 1 2023 Full Episode” to find out.

Content Batang Quiapo

III. Video Batang Quiapo May 1 2023 Full Episode


IV. Cast in the movie Batang Quiapo

Here are some of the main cast members of the 2023 television series “Batang Quiapo”:

  • Coco Martin as Jomari – the titular character who rises to become a notorious outlaw in the Quiapo neighborhood.
  • Baron Geisler as Miguel – Jomari’s best friend and partner in crime.
  • Dimples Romana as Arlene – Jomari’s love interest who stands by him despite his criminal activities.
  • Joross Gamboa as Tonio – Jomari’s childhood friend and accomplice in his criminal activities.
  • Tirso Cruz III as Lolo – Jomari’s grandfather who holds the key to his true identity.
  • Gina Pareno as Gloria – Jomari’s mother who has kept secrets from him all his life.
  • John Arcilla as Teddy – a police officer who is determined to bring down Jomari and his criminal empire.

Other notable cast members include Ina Raymundo, Eddie Garcia, Leo Martinez, and Joem Bascon, among others. The talented ensemble cast brings depth and complexity to their respective characters, making “Batang Quiapo” an engaging and thrilling viewing experience.

Coco Martin as Jomari

V.  Film Review Batang Quiapo May 1 2023 Full Episode

The “Batang Quiapo” delivers an intense and thrilling viewing experience, showcasing the story of a young man who navigates his way through life in Quiapo while rising to become one of the biggest outlaws in his neighborhood.

Coco Martin delivers a standout performance as Jomari, the lead character who struggles to make his parents proud and fulfill his dreams of becoming a successful businessman. Martin’s acting is nuanced and captivating, portraying the character’s inner turmoil and complex emotions with authenticity.

The supporting cast also delivers solid performances, particularly Baron Geisler as Jomari’s best friend, Dimples Romana as his love interest, and Tirso Cruz III as his grandfather.

The episode is filled with action-packed sequences that keep the audience engaged and on the edge of their seats. The narrative is well-crafted, featuring unexpected twists and turns that add to the suspense and excitement.

Moreover, the themes of identity, family, and redemption are explored in a poignant and thought-provoking manner. The audience is taken on a journey with Jomari as he discovers the truth about his past and strives to redeem himself.

Overall, the “Batang Quiapo ” is a must-watch for fans of action and drama. With its talented cast, excellent writing, and thrilling narrative, it is an excellent addition to the “Batang Quiapo” series and a testament to the quality of Philippine television.

Film Review Batang Quiapo
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