Two Suspects Arrested-16 Year Old Stabbed Melbourne

In the immediate aftermath of the fatal stabbing of a 16-year-old boy in Melbourne, Victoria police have made significant progress in their investigation. We are proud to announce that two suspects have been arrested and are being identified in this case. Website would like to send to readers a detailed article about this incident, in which we will provide the latest information on the case, investigation details and reactions of the family and community. . Join us to update information and better understand the “Two Suspects Arrested-16 Year Old Stabbed Melbourne” case.

Two Suspects Arrested-16 Year Old Stabbed Melbourne
Two Suspects Arrested-16 Year Old Stabbed Melbourne

I. Two suspects arrested  in the case 16 year old stabbed melbourne 

The Victoria police have successfully apprehended two suspects involved in the stabbing death of a 16-year-old teenager. These suspects have been identified, and information regarding their age and place of residence is available.

The first suspect is an 18-year-old male from Burnside. He was apprehended by the police after being identified in connection with this unfortunate incident. The age and place of residence of this suspect indicate a serious act from an adult individual.

Two suspects arrested
Two suspects arrested

The second suspect is a 17-year-old teenager from Caroline Springs. After investigation and evidence collection, the police have determined that this teenager has direct involvement in the case and have taken him into custody.

The apprehension of these two suspects brings hope for uncovering the truth and tracking down all individuals involved in this case. The investigation work continues to be carried out to gather additional evidence and uncover all relevant details regarding this tragic incident.

Two suspects arrested
Two suspects arrested

II. Details of the case and the victim

The stabbing incident involving a 16-year-old teenager in Melbourne has shaken the community. Here are the details of the case:

On a day at a bus stop in Sunshine, Pasawm Lyhym, an 11th-grade student from Staughton College, was fatally stabbed in a clash between teenage groups. The incident occurred at around 3:45 PM.

The police received a report and quickly arrived at the scene. They found a severely injured 16-year-old boy from Melton South. Despite medical efforts, the boy succumbed to his injuries at the scene due to their severity.

Additionally, another 16-year-old boy from Sunshine North was injured and taken to the hospital with minor wounds. His condition is reported to be stable.

Witnesses stated that during the time of the attack, there were teenagers running and shouting, with some carrying weapons.

The police confirmed that the group believed to have attacked Pasawm was armed with knives. CCTV footage near the scene captured a man wearing a black hoodie running with a large knife.

Investigation work is ongoing to uncover the circumstances and motives behind this clash. The police are particularly interested in the relationships and conflicts between the teenage groups prior to the incident.

Pasawm Lyhym’s family and the community are going through a painful and devastating time. Pasawm is described as a loved and respected member of their community.

The police rely on the cooperation of the community and urge anyone with relevant information, images, or materials related to this case to contact the authorities to help resolve the case and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Details of the case and the victim
Details of the case and the victim

III. Police facts and investigations

The police are focusing on the details and conducting a thorough investigation to clarify the case of the 16-year-old teenager who was stabbed to death in Melbourne. Here are the details and ongoing investigation:

Identification of suspects: The police have apprehended two suspects connected to the case. One of them is an 18-year-old male from Burnside, and the other suspect is a 17-year-old teenager from Caroline Springs. Determining the suspects’ identities has enabled the police to proceed with specific investigative activities.

Gathering evidence: The police are concentrating on collecting physical and electronic evidence to establish the suspects’ culpability. This includes examining evidence from the crime scene, evaluating CCTV footage, and obtaining statements from relevant witnesses.

Search for witnesses: The police are making efforts to locate and contact individuals who may have witnessed the incident or possess relevant information. The cooperation of witnesses can provide crucial information and contribute significantly to the investigation process.

Determining motives and conflict details: The police are working to identify the motives and specific details of the conflict that led to this unfortunate incident. This involves investigating the relationships and conflicts between the teenage groups involved in the incident.

Connecting the dots and evidence: The police are striving to connect the dots and link the gathered evidence to construct a clear picture of the incident. This will assist the police in establishing responsibility and uncovering additional necessary information to shed light on the case.

Victoria Police is committed to continuing the investigation diligently and meticulously, with the hope of uncovering the truth and bringing the perpetrators to justice.

Police facts and investigations
Police facts and investigations

IV. Reaction of family and community

The family and community are going through irreplaceable moments of sorrow and loss following the stabbing death of a 16-year-old teenager in Melbourne. The reactions from the family and community have demonstrated the pain and shared grief with the Lyhym family during this difficult time.

Pasawm’s older brother, Mawn, has shared his feelings of shock and sadness that the family is experiencing. He expresses the sense of despair and difficulty upon receiving the tragic news about his younger brother. Pasawm’s loss has left an unfathomable void within the family.

The community also empathizes and shares in this collective pain. The people living in the vicinity, friends, and those who knew Pasawm have come together to extend their condolences to the Lyhym family. They offer prayers and well wishes to Pasawm and his family during this challenging period.

The unity and support of the community are crucial in helping the Lyhym family navigate through this period of grief. The community is rallying together, providing support, and sending positive wishes to the family, creating an environment of compassion and willingness to assist during these difficult times.

Reaction of family and community
Reaction of family and community

V. Calling for community support and cooperation in the investigation

Victoria Police is appealing for the support and close cooperation of the community in the investigation of the stabbing death of a 16-year-old teenager in Melbourne. The following are the calls for assistance and necessary cooperation:

Provide information: Police urge community members to provide any information or witness accounts related to the incident. Any information that can help identify the individuals involved or clarify the circumstances of the conflict is crucial.

Submit evidence: If anyone has photographs, videos, or any other evidence related to the case, police encourage them to come forward and provide this information to support the investigation. Such evidence can help the police gain a clearer understanding of the incident and make informed decisions.

Utilize the hotline: Police provide the Crime Stoppers hotline number (1800 333 000) and encourage individuals to contact it if they have any information related to the case. Utilizing this hotline ensures confidentiality and guarantees the safe transmission of information.

Cooperate and abide by the law: Police call for the close cooperation of the community and adherence to the law throughout the investigation process. Community cooperation is an essential factor in making informed decisions and uncovering the truth.

Police trust in the community’s support and close cooperation to shed light on this case and bring justice to the victim’s family.

VI. Video Teen arrested after fatal alleged stabbing at Melbourne bus stop

Please note that all information presented in this article has been obtained from various sources, including and several other newspapers. While we have made every effort to verify all information, we cannot guarantee that everything mentioned is 100% accurate and verified. Therefore, we recommend caution when referencing this article or using it as a source for your own research or report.


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